Christopher T. Copeland is certified Narrative Enneagram teacher and has been learning about and teching the Enneagram since 1993.

In 2018, Chris and his fellow Enneagram teacher, Sandra Smith, launched a new podcast and companion book, Heart of the Enneagram. Taking a deeper dive into the complexities and nuances of the Enneagram, Heart of the Enneagram offers listeners the opportunity to learn this system from indiviudals who tell their own stories.

Chris leads workshops, retreats, and other events introducing the Enneagramthroughout the United States. Chris also provides typing interviews for those who are discerning type, and consultation for those who want to grow in light of their type.


50-minute Typing Interview - $100
50-minute Enneagram Consultation - $100
Workshops & Retreats - By Agreement

Pay for a Typing Interview/Consultation Session


To set up an appointment with Chris, please make contact viaemailor phone: 336.464.7884.